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The role alternative oxidases in Trypanosomatidae
Project IdEMBO_SLG 5450-2023
Main solverprof. MSc. Vjačeslav Jurčenko, Ph.D.
Period6/2023 - 1/2024
ProviderOstatní projekty ze zahr. prostředků
AnotationThe alternative oxidase (AOX) is a salicyl-hydroxamic acid (SHAM)-sensitive enzyme involved in bypassing electron transport chain of the Krebs cycle when canonical (cytochrome-mediated) respiration is inhibited. This allows for the maintenance of necessary metabolic processes involved in survival and stress response. Enzymatically, the AOX catalyzes direct transfer of electrons from ubiquinol to oxygen without translocation of protons across the membrane. As a result, the free energy of the reaction is fully dissipated as heat. Among eukaryotes, alternative oxidases have dispersed distribution and were documented in plants, fungi, and protists. All AOX proteins are classified into 2 subfamilies, AOX1 and AOX2, with different distribution in different taxa. The current project is focused on detailed molecular characterization of the AOX repertoire in Trypanosomatidae.