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Ukrainian refugees in Central Europe and the Balkans - lessons learned and policy recommendations
Project IdVF+ Grants
Main solverMgr. Kateřina Ženková Rudincová, Ph.D.
Period6/2023 - 11/2023
ProviderVisegrad Fund
AnotationThe joint activity would have few phases, with the most important one being conference combined with the workshop for students in Skopje (University American College). The activity is focused on studying and presenting situation of Ukrainian refugees in Europe after the February 24, 2022 aggression. As a members of the network covering Central Europe and the Balkans we believe that this is important to present comparative view on position of Ukrainian refugees in countries of the region. This plan involves a preparatory research design sessions, conducting research, presenting preliminary country reports during conference in Skopje and workshops for students around the topic of refugees. Aside of the universities of the network the office of the United Nations Commissioner for Refugees in North Macedonia would be involved as a partner. This is possible because the University American College in Skopje has a memorandum of understanding with the UNHCR office and record of cooperation.