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Internal Grant Competition DGC
START-UP grant

Support, implementation and development of volunteering at the University of Ostrava
Project IdSGS13/PdF/2023
Main solverPhDr. Petr Adamus, Ph.D.
Period1/2023 - 12/2023
ProviderSpecifický VŠ výzkum
AnotationVolunteering, a phenomenon that has a tradition in the Czech Republic and which nowadays attracts an increasing number of people across society. The present brings many social events with negative impacts that require a high degree of solidarity along with the need to strengthen interpersonal relations. Exceptional and emergency events such as the Covid 19 pandemic, the tornado in South Moravia in 2021 and the ongoing war in Ukraine have brought about changes that affect everyone's lives significantly. Volunteering can be defined as an unpaid activity or work that someone performs voluntarily for the benefit of other people or society or the environment (except close relatives or household members). These activities are then carried out within or through organisations operating in the non-profit, public and business sectors. History shows both formal and informal volunteering to be an integral part of the human condition. Today, volunteering is a cornerstone in shaping society, enabling people to collaborate on projects, respond to societal challenges and share responsibility for the world. Due to calls for volunteering issued by the Government of the Czech Republic, most universities have also decided to support their students and staff who have participated in volunteering or have started to organise volunteering activities themselves. The joint project of students and academics aims to identify and describe the volunteering activities of students and academics in the context of emergencies. The identification and description will be based on the findings from research investigations across the faculties of the University of Ostrava. These findings are intended to contribute to the implementation of new trends in volunteering not only in emergencies, but across different target groups as well as beyond them. The active involvement of students and academic staff in volunteering activities is beneficial not only for society but also for the university itself.