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Internal Grant Competition DGC

The evolution of host-parasite systems of vertebrates and testing of socio-biological hypotheses in mammals
Project IdSGS09/PřF/2022
Main solverMgr. Simona Kubičková
Period1/2022 - 12/2022
ProviderSpecifický VŠ výzkum
AnotationThe focus of the project are evolutionary and ethological processes, shaping behavioral-ecological aspects. Furthermore, the gene flow of selected vertebrate and plant species, interspecific hybridization and population structure. The research part focused on fish reproductive strategy and the host-parasite system between the European mistletoe and birds will be performed by genetic and genomic methods on wild populations. The behavioral and ecological part of the project will be implemented through non-invasive observation of animals in human care. The areas of study are in accordance with the ongoing research and topics of doctoral theses of the participating members and their supervisors. Four main areas are defined within the project, these areas concern: a) Reproductive dynamics of loaches of genus Cobitis in anthropogenic and natural populations of middle and east Peri-Mediterrran, b) Host-parasite system of Viscum album and berry-eating birds, c) Suckling and allosuckling behaviour in several species of Caprinae, d) Grooming and social interactions in tribe Cercopithecini.