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Social work in shelters for mothers with children, with mothers who have / have had experience with substance abuse
Project IdSGS05PFSS/22
Main solverMgr. Alžběta PLUHÁČEK STROMŠÍKOVÁ
Period1/2022 - 12/2022
ProviderSpecifický VŠ výzkum
AnotationThe research project focuses on the lived experience of mothers who also have experience with substance abuse, with social work in shelters for mothers with children. The situation mothers who use or used addictive substances is often aggravated by the absence of a partner as a second carer who can participate in the care of the child and family. This is because women often use addictive substances together with their partner (Stocco et al., 2000). If the child's father or woman's partner is not ready for the father's role, doesn?t want to adapt his life to the needs of the newborn or future child, or is in prison or treatment for drug use or criminal activities, the woman remains for upbringing and care about the child and the costs involved alone. Single mothers are more often at risk of poverty and unemployment, as they are one of the most vulnerable groups in the labor market (Hasmanová, Marhánková, 2011). Mothers with experience in using addictive substances often need help of institutional housing (especially shelters for mothers with children) (Frišaufová, 2006). The topic of substance use should be part of the negotiation of an individual plan, and it will be reflected whether the work on this topic is relevant. However, in shelters in the Czech Republic, the admission of problems with addictive substances is currently the reason both for non-admission to housing and for termination of cooperation and exclusion from housing (Ipsos, 2020). Therefore, in our research, we want to find out through narrative interviews the experience of women mothers, who also have experience with substance use, with social work in shelters for mothers with children. The results of the research will provide a description of the current situation. These findings should open space for reflection on social work in shelters for mothers with children in the Czech republic and inspire interested professionals to evaluate current approaches and possible innovations.