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Possibilities of peer support in drug recovery process
Project IdSGS01/FSS/22
Main solverMgr. Markéta Čtvrtečková
Period1/2022 - 12/2022
ProviderSpecifický VŠ výzkum
AnotationThe research project is based on practical experience and research results describing shortcomings in the complexity of care for drug users in the Czech Republic (Černý and Szotáková, 2015; Geregová, 2021), where some of the important needs of clients are not met. One of the possible responses to this situation seems to be strengthening the system of involvement of people with their own experience, so-called peer workers / recovery coaches. These people have their own experience of addiction and recovery and, through sharing this experience with people in recovery, support their involvement, self-confidence and people's ability to persevere in treatment (Kleinman, 2020). In the Czech context, however, this phenomenon is still not very well explored, so we consider addressing it. We ask: "What is the experience of recovery services clients with a peer / recovery coach?" We are interested in the personal experience of recovery services clients and the specific conditions and impacts of cooperation with peer workers on their recovery. At the theoretical level, we base our research on the concept of participation, as an approach framing and enabling the emergence and development of peer work, as well as the recovery paradigm, that is based on rejection of chronicity of disease and emphasis on the fact that recovery is possible. It is also based on human strengths and the possibilities of their use in the recovery process. We choose qualitative research and multiple case study as a research method. We choose the case study for its applicability in the field of in-depth examination of one or more aspects of the phenomenon in its real context from the perspective of the participants (Hendl and Remr, 2017). The results of the research will help support the creation of a definition of the role of the worker in the context of Czech drug services, which we perceive as useful in the further development of services.