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Analysis of the molecular markers in patients with Parkinson´s disease or at risk of developing Parkinson´s disease
Project IdSGS01/LF/2022
Main solverMgr. Eva Augste
Period1/2022 - 12/2022
ProviderSpecifický VŠ výzkum
AnotationParkinson's disease (PN) is a neurodegenerative disease characterized by motor system disorders - tremor, rigidity, bradykinesia, balance disorders. Together with non-motor symptoms such as loss of smell, indigestion, sleep and cognitive function, they are the main clinical symptoms evaluated in the diagnosis of Parkinson's disease. The onset of the disease most often occurs between the ages of 55-62, although about 10% of patients have symptoms before the age of 40 and 15% become ill before the age of 50. The first, often non-motor symptoms, may occur much earlier and this prodromal stage is still not caught in time. This may be due to the first non-specific symptoms as back pain, muscle pain, fatigue and depression, constipation, are not immediately associated with Parkinson's disease. Over time, the symptoms gradually worsen and more are added. The available PN therapy is only symptomatic today, there is no causal treatment. This brings to the fore the importance of early diagnosis and prevention, which would allow people at risk for the disease and people in the early stage of PN to live a better life by delaying the onset of symptoms. The aim of the project is to follow up on the SGS 2021 project entitled: "Clinical and biochemical markers of the prodromal stage of PN". Thanks to him, a system for the acquisition and inclusion of patients, relatives of patients, as well as patients with symptoms with an increased risk of developing PN and control persons in clinical trials was developed. Blood was taken from all participants, serum and DNA were obtained from it, and everything was stored for further research purposes. Now we want to focus on the identification of biomarkers (molecular markers) associated with degeneration of the substantia nigra in PN. The aim is to determine whether changes in gene expression in patients with PN, or patients in the early stage, can be used for rapid and especially early identification of the prodromal stage of PN.