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START-UP grant

The Strategic Research Partnership for the mathematical aspects of complex, hypercomplex and fuzzy neural networks
Project IdPS-ZHR-SN
Main solverdoc. Baruch Schneider, Ph.D.
Period7/2022 - 6/2024
ProviderOstatní projekty ze zahr. prostředků
AnotationThe main goal of the project entails taking up international cooperation between institutions in order to build the strategic partnership in the frame research area concerning complex, hypercomplex and fuzzy neural networks. Project activities may concern the areas listed below and are determine with each partner having regard to organizational potential to realize the project and specialization and competences of participants in the scope of the research area of the project. The list of predict activities in the project are: 1) Organizing exchange/lectures/seminars/study visits/ conferences ? at the premises of the UWM and Partners, including access of persons involved in the implementation of scientific research Partners; 2) Improvement or development of new and innovative tools and methods of education at the UWM and Partner institutions; 3) Development of modern teaching materials that will be employed in the UWM and Partners? activity; 4) Joint research and development work on an international scale carried out by the UWM and its Partners and presentation and publication of results; 5) Development and implementation of a strategy for dissemination of the results of research carried out by the UWM and its Partners;