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Influence of covid-19 pandemic on oncosurgical treatment of patients with colorectal cancer, breast cancer and lung cancer
Project IdNU22-C-113
Main solverprof. MUDr. Peter Ihnát, Ph.D., MBA
Period4/2022 - 12/2023
ProviderAgentura zdravotnického výzkumu ČR
AnotationThe COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on health systems and affected the delivery of health care in all areas, including cancer patients. The aim of the presented project is to assess the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the treatment of primary solid gastrointestinal tumors in the Czech Republic in terms of impact on the degree of reduction and changes in surgery, the occurrence of complications, affecting complex cancer treatment and clinical outcomes. The methodology is a retrospective comparative multicenter analysis of data from backbone teaching hospitals and IHIS CR for the pandemic (1.1.2020 - 31.12.2021) and pre-pandemic (1.1.2018 - 31.12.2019) periods. Patients with a primarily diagnosed solid gastrointestinal tumor are included in the study. The monitored parameters are the characteristics of patients and their diseases, data on the operation, postoperative course and complications, data on the course and type of multimodal oncosurgical treatment. The results of the data analysis will provide an objective picture of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on this area of ??oncosurgical care in the Czech Republic and will enable rational measures in the future.