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The composition of NOD1/2-RIPK2 receptor complexes and their pro-survival signaling functions in the pathology of Multiple Myeloma
Project Id33
Main solverMarcello Turi
Period9/2021 - 2/2023
ProviderKatedra biologie a ekologie, DGC
AnotationThe NOD receptors and RIPK2 trigger innate immune responses upon recognition of bacterial peptidoglycan. RIPK2 is a functional protein kinase. However, the role of its activity remains incompletely understood. Our preliminary data support the hypothesis that NOD/RIPK2 pathway plays important role in multiple myeloma (MM). Thus, investigation of NOD receptors and the molecular function of RIPK2 kinase activity in MM cells, may lead to the identification of novel therapy for B cell malignancies.