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Roma leaders - the drivers of change
Project IdLP-HROVA1A-004
Main solverdoc. PhDr. Alice Gojová, Ph.D.
Period9/2021 - 8/2023
ProviderNezařazené projekty
Statein sustainability
AnotationThe project is focused on creating an effective Roma platform composed of Roma leaders operating in the Moravian-Silesian and Olomouc regions, initially formed by leaders of 4 community groups in Moravian and Silesian localities (Třinec, Přerov, Ostrava-Kunčičky and Ostrava-Přívoz) connected to the implementer and partners. We will focus on strengthening the expertise and necessary skills of Roma leaders in these regions so that they are better able to orientate themselves in community work, engage and work effectively in their communities, cooperate with other relevant entities and partner organizations and thus contribute to goals Roma integration strategies at the regional and local level. The project will map the educational needs of the participating communities (4 partners) and then develop and implement an educational plan in the form of seminars and workshops. In addition to the above, the effort of education is to combine experience and perspectives in the field of community work. The guarantor of this activity will be the Faculty of Social Studies of the University of Ostrava. By deepening the skills and competencies of Roma leaders, there can be a more effective creation of strategies in the fight against social exclusion at local levels. One of the project's activities will be to support leaders in the implementation of local community activities and events - including community outreach events, and events to connect neighborhoods in localities. Another, partial goal of the project is the education and enlightenment of representatives of the majority society, especially employees of institutions who come into contact with Roma during their work, on the issue of social exclusion of Roma, its causes and the method of community work. This will be related to the preparation of promotional materials and the creation of the project's website, with the aim of improving the media image of the Roma community in Czech society.