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Application of fuzzy methods for evaluating competencies and developing an adaptive web IV
Project IdSGS20/PřF-MF/2021
Main solverRNDr. Bogdan Walek, Ph.D.
Period1/2021 - 12/2021
ProviderSpecifický VŠ výzkum
AnotationThe main goal of this project (follows up on the project from the last year) is design, implementation and validation of fuzzy approaches in the area of evaluating competencies and the area of development of an adaptive web. In the area of evaluating competencies, we will continue in development and validation of a system for evaluating the different characteristics and competencies of persons. We will focus on an evaluation module for evaluating the most suitable job applicants and implementation of several methods for evaluating job applicants using fuzzy logic. We will also focus on a decision support module for managerial decisions for HR managers. We will also focus on verification of the system using real or simulation data. In the area of adaptive web development, we will continue to design and implementation of a recommender system for recommending suitable content based on user preferences and user behavior on the web. We will also focus on recommending a suitable content for the user based on the user group to which the user belongs based on his preferences. Next, we will focus on the design of a recommendation system that will recommend suitable content for the user based on various combinations of input preferences related to the problem domain (for instance recommending movies based on favorite/unpopular genres, favorite/unpopular actors, favorite/unpopular directors, etc.). We will also focus on the design of an adaptive recommender system capable of continuously responding to changes in user preferences while working with the system. The project will continue in the results and experience gained in the design and implementation of various fuzzy expert systems in previous years.