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START-UP grant

Quality and sustainability of body parts donation programs in the Czech Republic
Project IdTL05000144
Main solverMgr. Kateřina Cilečková, Ph.D.
Period4/2021 - 12/2023
ProviderFakulta sociálních studií, Program ÉTA
Statein sustainability
AnotationMedicine is highly dependent on the use of another person's body parts, the increase is exponential. Ethical and legislative principles are solidarity, altruism and, in most cases, anonymity. The aim of the project is 1. To describe and compare: sociodemographic characteristics of living donors of various donor programs, the complexity of individual donor procedures and compensation for donations. 2. Identify psychosocial and criminal law problems. Based on the results of the empirical survey, we will propose a strategy for donor acquisition, formulate guidelines for calculating compensation to donors, formulate recommendations for informed consents of donors and recipients, formulate recommendations for the work of experts in medical, psychosocial and legal fields.