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ehealth Literacy Learning skills among Nurses working with older people eLily2-RN
Project IdERASMUS +KA2
Main solverPaedDr. Jakub Doležel, Ph.D.
Period10/2020 - 9/2022
AnotationThe international project Ehealth literacy learning skills among nurses working with older people (2020-1-CY01-KA202-065962) is focused on the educational activities of nurses in the field of health literacy in geriatric patients. The aims of the project is a) to enhance the knowledge and skills of nurses, nurses students regarding the concepts of Health and eHealth Literacy, how to identify low health and eHealth literate older people and families, users of health care services b) to enhance indirectly the health literacy and ehealth literacy skills of older people and their families, c) to provide a practice guide for this type of training, d) to raise awareness of the users? health literacy and ehealth literacy topic within the healthcare sector. The project coordinator is Cyprus University of Technology (Cyprus). The project also involves educational institutions from four other European countries: Klaip?da State University of Applied Sciences (Lithuania), National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Greece), University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz (Poland) and University of Ostrava (Czech Republic). The project lasts 24 months and is funded from the EU budget in the amount of EUR 155,927.