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Internal Grant Competition DGC

Focus of attention and acute change in volume and quality of soft tissues of the knee joint in volleyball.
Project IdSGS04/PdF/2020-2021
Main solverMgr. Lukáš Slovák
Period1/2020 - 12/2021
ProviderSpecifický VŠ výzkum
Anotation One of the most important structures of the knee joint for movement is intra-articular cartilage and ACL - anterior cruciate ligament. The size and distribution of the cartilage volume and the quality of the ACL are used to quantify the mechanical properties of the tissue and thus the response to the mechanical load (Guilak, 2011). The disadvantage of studies based solely on the principle of biomechanical analysis is that this method only provides an estimate of the forces acting on the skeletal system. Studies using magnetic resonance imaging techniques (Bratke et al., 2009) can provide more accurate information on the total knee joint load. Studies have shown an acute decrease in knee cartilage volume of 2.6-12% after loading (Hinman et al., 2013; Niehoff et al., 2011; Eckstein et al., 2006).      Motor learning can be influenced by instructions associated with focus attention specification (Parsons, & Alexander, 2012; Moule, 2015). Focusing attention during training and realization of motor skills can be external or internal (Wulf, 1988). The internal focus of attention in the realization of physical activity is defined as the focus on the movement of the body, while the external focus of attention is defined as the focus on the effects of movement (Wulf et al., 1998).      There are currently no studies to address the effect of focusing attention on the volume and quality of the soft tissues of the knee joint during loading. The results of this project can develop knowledge in the field of ongoing cognitive processes during motor learning with regard to prevention of knee joint injuries. The findings can be applied in the field of education in school physical education and in sports preparation of children and youth.