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Improving the quality of life by early detection of hearing loss using high-frequency audiometry
Project IdTJ04000059
Main solverMgr. Michaela Škerková, Ph.D.
Period5/2020 - 4/2022
ProviderDěkanát LF, Program ZÉTA
AnotationThe aim of the project is to compare hearing loss using high frequency audiometry, to find a fast, cheap and simple screening method for hearing testing in adults, to improve quality of life of hard-of-hearing individuals and to help them remain longer active in the society. The project will contribute to more effective prevention, will develop reccomendations and guidelines for a hearing loss screening. Other goal is to strengthen the national program by raising public awareness of hard-of-hearing people communication issues and to recommend prevention of hearing impairment caused by noise. The project will enhance cooperation on these communicating issues through information, knowledge, experience, and best practice exchange, using innovative technologies to achieve efficient solutions.