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START-UP grant

SMART Solutions Across Continuum of Care for the Elderly
Project IdTL03000520
Main solverdoc. Mgr. Steriani Elavsky, Ph.D.
Period6/2020 - 9/2023
ProviderKatedra studií lidského pohybu, Program ÉTA
Anotationhe aim of the project is to involve smart technologies in the care of seniors for improving their quality of life and reducing caregiver burden for both informal home care and in residential facilities. Specifically, a system for integrating data from wearable devices (i.e., wristbands, smartphones) and environmental sensors (i.e., furniture sensors for detailed biosignal measurement) will be developed, enabling (1) data collection and integration from various sources (mobile applications, sensors); (2) sending feedback and notifications to simplify and improve the care of the elderly, including those with specific needs (e.g., people with dementia). The project will combine knowledge from psychology, kinanthropology and the latest sensory biosignal monitoring solutions.