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The Moravian Compromise as a Laboratory for the Nationalization of Politics and Law: The National Partitioning of Moravia?s Towns, 1905-1914
Project IdGA20-00420S
Main solverdoc. PhDr. Andrea Pokludová, Ph.D.
Period1/2020 - 12/2022
ProviderStandardní projekt GA ČR
AnotationThe project concerns the nationalization of politics, school systems, and law in Cisleithania (imperial Austria). The intent of public administration was to reduce national conflicts by partitioning the population into territorially intermingled but administratively separate, partly selfgoverning national groups. Yet defining such groups proved difficult and troubling. The project will revise understanding of the 1905 Moravian Compromise through analysis of developments between 1905 and 1914 in the six largest mixed, i.e., Czech and German-speaking towns of Moravia, with particular attention to the consequences of changing official language use and classifying voters, schoolchildren, and school board members as German or Czech. The importance and resonance of the project will be significant, because it was precisely in Moravia where Cisleithania experimented most with ?personal national autonomy.? Sustained attention will be paid to tensions between individual and group rights.