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START-UP grant

Strengthening Teaching Competences in Higher Education in Natural and Mathematical Sciences(TeComp)
Project IdErasmus +KA2
Main solverprof. Irina Perfiljeva, CSc., dr. h. c., prof. h. c.
Period11/2018 - 11/2021
AnotationThe main objective is improvement of the quality of higher education in the field of natural and mathematical sciences at higher education institutions in Serbia and Albania in line with advance EU practices, thereby enhancing their comparability and competitiveness in Europe and beyond. This wider aim will be achieved through completion of the set of specific objectives concerned with the areas where the measures should be applied: to enhance professional competences and skills of teaching staff through training courses in contemporary pedagogical approaches, methodologies and educational technologies;to upgrade educational infrastructure as a basis for wider integration of modern pedagogical principles and technologies in teaching and learning; to deliver new/modified courses in psychology, pedagogy, methodology of teaching, and technology enhanced learning at the PC HEIs in line with the modern European strategies; to strengthen personnel infrastructure through the introduction of continuous professional development in the system of higher education. According to these objectives, the proposed project is expected to achieve the following outcomes: Identifying andadopting the necessary measures and actions required for quality enhancement of teaching and learning processes; Upgrading educational infrastructure; Training of teaching staff for harnessing pedagogical and methodological principles and new modes of teaching and learning; Development of methodology and platforms for wider integration of ICT in teaching and learning. The project will particularly focus on the transition from a teaching-oriented to learning-oriented approach to the learning process, a flexible approach and individualization, as well as better communication and interaction between teachers and students. The target areas at Serbian and Albanian universities that need quality enhancement of teaching and learning processes will be identified and a concrete action plan will be made.