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START-UP grant

Systematics and phylogenetic studies of selected groups of arthropods
Project IdSGS12/PřF/2019
Main solverprof. RNDr. Zdeněk Ďuriš, CSc.
Period1/2019 - 12/2019
ProviderSpecifický VŠ výzkum
AnotationThe project is focused on the phylogenetic and systematic studies of selected taxa of arthropods (dipterous insects and symbiotic shrimps), following the research activities of the applicant and co-applicants of this project. One of the aims will be the reconstruction of phylogenetic relationships within the infraorder Bibionomorpha, especially the completion of phylogenetic studies of the family Bibionidae and Bolitophilidae, possibly also the completion of the phylogeny of Sciaroidea incertae sedis. In the case of the study of symbiotic shrimps, the aim will be the completion of partial phylogenetic studies within the family Palaemonidae, especially with focus on Cuapetes-Palaemonella complex and spongobiotic shrimps, and possibly also the completion of preliminary phylogenies of another partial groups of shrimps (genera Coralliocaris, Tuleariocaris, Cinetorhynchus). The multigene analyses, based on obtained mitochondrial (COI, 12S, 16S, cytB) and also nuclear (H3, 18S, 28S, CAD) gene markers, will be carried out to get new hypotheses about molecular phylogeny of selected taxa. The methods maximum likelihood and Bayesian inference will be used for the construction of phylogenetic trees. An extensive material of dipterous insects and symbiotic shrimps, deposited at the Department of Biology and Ecology of University of Ostrava, is available to this study. Collaboration with specialists on various groups of Diptera is expected, especially from northern Europe (Norway, Finland, Estonia - for the families Bolitophilidae and Sciaroidea incertae sedis) and also from North America (family Bibionidae) within this project. Similar collaboration is expected also with specialists on symbiotic shrimps, from France, The Netherlands, Great Britain, Taiwan, who also have the necessary material. The outputs of this project will be published in scientific impact-factor journals. Partial results will be presented at international or national scientific conferences.