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Orthoepy of West Slavonic Languages
Project Id21910068
Main solverMgr. Pavlína Kuldanová, Ph.D.
Period6/2019 - 2/2022
ProviderVisegrad Fund
AnotationThe project is focused on contemporary pronunciation norms (orthoepic rules) of West Slavonic (Slavic) languages ? Czech, Polish and Slovak. The elaboration of this topic is very useful for all who want to learn these languages or want to improve standard pronunciation of Czech, Polish or Slovak. The published outputs (book and workbook) of this project can be used by university students and professional speakers of different professions (e.g. teachers, translators, interpreters, TV and radio reporters, drama actors etc.) as well as by people in the business sphere. Description and comparison of contemporary pronunciation norms of the West Slavic group of Slavonic languages have not been elaborated yet as a whole. There are only sources dealing with the standard pronunciation of particular (individual) language. Publishing the principles of contemporary pronunciation norms of mentioned languages (in a wider Slavic context and with comparative aspect) in one book would be very convenient for Slavic studies in general. Besides the main output ? the book, the participants will organize workshops for students from all involved universities (focused on practical pronunciation exercises with native speakers ? participated experts), they will write the workbook for use in workshops and in future teaching and learning and they will also organize colloquiums of experts to discuss the topic in a larger forum and get usefull suggestions for the book.