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Neological loanwords and their equivalents in contemporary French and Czech, study tooled on corpus.
Project Id8J19FR009
Main solverdoc. Mgr. Jan Lazar, Ph.D.
Period1/2019 - 12/2021
ProviderMinisterstvo školství, mládeže a tělovýchovy
AnotationThe French-Czech Collaboration project deals with the research of dynamics of lexical innovations combining quantitative linguistic methodology with qualitative and describes models of dissemination of neological borrowings, showing their frequency in the Czech and French contexts. It considers also the issue of equivalents from the point of view of synchronous and partly diachronic dynamics of language, taking into account the extension of technical and socio-cultural innovations into common use. The project is based on the tools of the journalistic corpus Néoveille, the aim of which is the collection and selection of the neological borrowings, which are recent, or are in the phase of broader linguistic spread. Subsequently, a linguistic description will be made on the basis of the EmpNéo methodology, with the extension to so-called grille initiale, which will facilitate the comparison of the individual research criteria. The monitored indicators will also include the comparison of the spread and frequency of a given borrowings in both languages, using the Néoveille tools. Last but not least, the issue of equivalents and their competitive advantage / disadvantage over incoming / emerging acquisitions will be discussed