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START-UP grant

University students´ beliefs about their teaching and assessment
Project IdSGS2/PdF/2018
Main solverprof. PhDr. Josef Malach, CSc.
Period1/2018 - 12/2018
ProviderSpecifický VŠ výzkum
AnotationCurrent concepts of higher education, emphasize the student-centered approach in the process of planning, implementing and evaluating. It is the result of the understanding of learners as partners of teachers, as internally motivated, for their educational results of responsible individuals who, during their lifelong education, have their own ideas about teaching and school assessment. Developing quality assurance systems at universities is a vital component of the learning subsystem that works with the student assessment tools. In most cases, they do not include the issue of assessment within the university studies. Evaluation instruments often tend to conserve the ideas of academic staff on teaching and evaluation, not to take into account the changes in the nature of education in the digital environment that are inherent in "digital generation". The project focuses on identifying the concepts of this generations about higher education, and assessments whose knowledge is relevant to the important assumptions and starting points of goal planning, curriculum of general cultivation of students and their professional development, and the choice of appropriate teaching and learning methods as well as assessment methods. The research team will use its previous professional competences, knowledge of higher education and evaluation, and the results of domestic and foreign research studies. Students' beliefs will be explored using qualitative methods (focus group) and quantitative methods (semi-structured interviews and questionnaires) that will allow to set a set of descriptors for the description of higher education and university assessment relevant to students and which should be the subject their evaluation. The aim of the project is to find out how students of UO perceive quality teaching and assessment of students, personal equipment and professional competencies of their teachers, and what their personal characteristics they prefer and for what reason.