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Physical Activity of School-Aged Children: An Intergenerational Perspective
Project IdSGS1/PdF/2018-19
Main solverMgr. Barbora Kaštovská
Period1/2018 - 12/2019
ProviderSpecifický VŠ výzkum
AnotationPhysical inactivity represents one of the most significant public health challenges of our time. In children specifically, low physical activity covaries with overweight and obesity and has measurable impact on health (Hills, Andersen, & Byrne, 2011). The overall aim of this research will be to explore the role that grandparents play in shaping physical activity of their grandchildren, as such the purpose of the proposed research is to contribute to our understanding of the factors associated with children´s physical activity to uncover opportunities for effective interventions. In existing research on physical activity in children to date, the emphasis has been on individual level factors such as motivation, enjoyment of physical activity or psychological correlates such as self-efficacy or self-esteem. The effects of interpersonal influences on children´s physical activity are partly dependent on age and developmental stage (Ornelas, Perreira, & Ayala, 2007). For example, researchers have pointed out the importance of peers in shaping physical activity behavior of school-aged children and the role or parents (Maturo & Cunningham, 2013). Existing studies have shown that parental gender moderates the effects of parental modeling on child´s physical activity (Yao & Rhodes, 2015) In the Czech context, specifically, grandparents play an active role in the care of gradnchildren (Michlíčková & Španielová, 2016) But to what extent they also influence their gradnchildren´s physical activity and how remains to be determined. But the relationship between dependent grandchildren and grandparental physical activity has not been systematically evaluated. Research Outputs help identify factors and specific contexts for the development intergeneration interventions to increase physical activity childrens and grandparents.