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The future of a rural area in the Czech Republic: Challenges, visions, development scenarios and adaptation strategies
Project IdTL01000110
Main solverMgr. Ondřej Slach, Ph.D.
Period3/2018 - 12/2020
ProviderKatedra soc. geografie a reg. rozvoje, Program ÉTA
AnotationThe project deals with the preparation of the Czech rural area for the future. Key attention is paid to issues of economic development and the possibilities ofits public support (work and entrepreneurial opportunities, basic civic amenities). The objective of the project over the three years (2018-2020) is: (1.) toanalyze problems, development opportunities and investment needs of the rural area; (2.) to identify key factors, processes and challenges affecting itsfuture; (3.) to propose scenarios of future development ; (4.) to specify adaptation strategies, how to manage the future challenges (opportunities andthreats); and last but not least (5.) to formulate principles of the new rural development policy after 2021 for the CZ together with application guarantors andother actors.