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START-UP grant

Osmoderma eremita species conversation in SCI Poodří
Project IdLIFE17NAT/CZ/000463
Main solverPhDr. Přemysl Mácha, Ph.D.
Period9/2018 - 9/2023
ProviderKatedra biologie a ekologie, Program LIFE
AnotationTo improve conservation status of hermit beetle (Osmoderma eremita*) in SCI Poodří The project limit or eliminate threatening factors for the species (see B2d). The project will have also positive impact on conservation status of other species, which are protected within SCI (Misgurnus fossilis, Bombina bombina) or have a special status of protection in national legislation (cavity-nesting birds, Microchiroptera species). Use of biomass from pollarded willows will help local community. Start of appropriate management and renewal of traditions (pollarding of willow trees, traditional varieties of pear trees cultivation) will improve relation of local citizens to region and increase attractiveness of region to tourists. Also other ecosystem services in project area will be strengthen.