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THE GREAT HISTORICAL ATLAS OF CZECH SLESIA - Identity, Culture and Society of the Czech Silesia in the process of social modernization with the cultural landscape impact
Project IdDG18P02OVV047
Main solverPhDr. Radek Lipovski, Ph.D.
Period3/2018 - 12/2021
ProviderProgram NAKI
AnotationThe Big Historical Atlas of the Czech Silesia is synthesizing a multidisciplinary project that connects history, demography, sociology, economy, urbanism, landscape and natural science. Thanks to this syntehesis it will be acquirement a new view on the develompment of a model territory that is issues of great historical variations and events within European/Central European area, which affected the population and landscape in this country, including interaction between society and landscape, managment in landscape (history of forestry, argiculture, managment of water) and other proceesses in the territory (the impact of mining, war on the landscape).The subject of the proposed project is solution of territorial, national and cultural identity on the territory of the Czech Silesia and territorially related ?Moravian lap?. Part of the project will be mutual historical and current influence of the population on the landscape and residence in the area concerned. This project, The Big Historical Atlas of the Czech Silesia, will have a transnational character. It will be serve as a basis for the current discussion of transnational problems and to the relationship between man and landscape.