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Social Adjustment of Homeless Children with the Experience of Domestic Violence in the City of Ostrava
Project IdGAČR 18-10233S
Main solverprof. Mgr. Soňa Kalenda Vávrová, Ph.D.
Period1/2018 - 12/2020
ProviderGrantová agentura ČR
AnotationThe project is focused on the area of social adjustment of minor homeless children (in shelters and hostels) with the experience of domestic violence in the city of Ostrava. This region has the highest number of people excluded from the housing, including children, in the whole Czech Republic. The project interest includes the scientific study of determinants and conditions of social adjustment developing. The project is based on the hypothesis that homeless children experience deficits or disorders in individual dimensions of social adjustment, which may be the reason or the consequence of their unfavourable development. Scientific researches will lead to clarification of the relationship among social adjustment, the state of being homeless and the domestic violence experience. It will support the understanding of the mechanisms of social adjustment and how it is reflected in psyche and behaviour of children. Gained qualitative and quantitative data will be the basis for creating the mathematical-informatics model with the potential to use it as a predictive model.