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Internal Grant Competition DGC

Meditation on City, Landscape and Fine Arts: Olomouc 1919-1989
Project IdGA18-12580S
Main solverprof. PhDr. Pavel Zatloukal
Periodr1/2018 - 12/2020
ProviderKatedra dějin umění a kulturního dědictv, Standardní projekt GA ČR
AnotationThe research project Meditation on City, Landscape and Fine Arts: Olomouc 1919-1989 offers the first overall and synthetic image of the cultural and historical development of Olomouc for much of the 20th century. Besides art and history-related stories from the areas of urbanism and architecture, the book will also focus on fine arts - painting, sculpture, drawing, graphic arts, photography, and even visual and applied arts realisations in the field of urban plein, in local as well as cross-country and cross-border contexts. In addition to that, the project will pay attention to the development of monument preservation and major interventions in the suburban landscape and the efforts of its conservation. The main outcome of the project will be a monograph of the same name, which will include attachments in the form of registers, biographical profiles of architects and artists, and a catalogue covering the most prominent works, both complete and uncompleted or unpreserved.