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SOWOSEC MA Joint Degree Program
Project IdCIII-HU-0803-04-1617
Main solverMgr. Anna Musialová, Ph.D.
Period1/2017 - 12/2017
AnotationSOWOSEC MA Joint Degree Program was implemented in cooperation with 9 European universities. From the 9 European SOWOSEC Universities 6 are the members of Ceepus network. Due to the current social and economic changes throughout the social sphere, there is a growing demand that social service providers should adjust social provision to the economy. The aim of this program is to provide economic study to professionals working in the social field so that they would be able to plan, organize and manage the economy of the social services. International co-operation is needed in order to manage modern services of social economy and to find ways how to respond to the different changes in Europe. SOWOSEC joint degree offers a great variety of competencies needed in this field. Connection, cooperation and communication between education and the world of work seem to be essential nowadays. Programs based on the cooperation of these two fields provide modular and flexible learning way and prepare students to meet the requirements of the labour market.