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The Construction of Gender Meaning(s) by Social Workers of Activation Services for Families with Children and Its Impact on Their Professional Practice
Project IdSGS03/FSS/2017
Main solverMgr. et Mgr. Barbora Gřundělová, DiS. Ph.D.
Period1/2017 - 12/2017
ProviderSpecifický VŠ výzkum
AnotationDespite the fact that the current concept of family is changing, in the practice there are still rooted stereotypical notions and mechanisms related to the division of labour and distribution of roles in the family. Social work with families has a significant gender dimension, but the Czech social work does not reflect the gender perspective. Knowledge of gender stereotypes and their consequences is an essential prerequisite for reflective social work practice. SGS research project focused on a group of social workers of social activation services for families with children. The main goal of the project is to answer the question: How social workers construct meaning of gender of their clients, and how it influence their professional conduct? The data should aim for a modification of the training of social workers and the transfer of knowledge into practice social work. The project will be realize through qualitative research strategy.