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START-UP grant

Life Science Research Centre: stabilization and new perspectives
Project Id01211/2016/RRC
Main solverprof. MSc. Vjačeslav Jurčenko, Ph.D.
Period7/2016 - 12/2017
ProviderKatedra biologie a ekologie, Projekty podporované z rozpočtu měst krajských úřadů
AnotationThe main goal of the project is ensuring a continuous functioning of the recently established research division of the Faculty of Science, University of Ostrava focused on biological and biomedical research in the areas of genomics and bioinformatics ? the Life Science Research Centre (LSRC). Laboratories of the Centre are involved in preparation of a project application to the call of the OP VVV program ?Excellent research? anticipated to begin in 2018. The current project proposal should help sustain the Centre until support from the OP VVV project starts.