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Multicultural Care in European Intensive Care Units
Project Id2016-1-PL01-KA202-026615
Main solverprof. PhDr. Darja Jarošová, Ph.D.
Period10/2016 - 9/2018
ProviderÚstav ošetřov. a porodní asistence, Erasmus+
AnotationThe MICE project answers the following field-specific priority in vocational education and training: "Further strengthening key competences in VET curricula and providing more effective opportunities to acquire or develop those skills through C-VET." It answers this priority because it develops VET curriculum (and creates specialist, accredited course) for Intensive Care Units Nurses (ICU Nurses) which aims at strengthening of intercultural competence. As the course will be available on-line, as interactive elearning resource (which is not very popular in the ICU Nurses VET where e-learning is considered as downloadable pdfs), it provides more effective opportunities for ICU Nurses to acquire or to develop intercultural skills through C-VET.