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Development of the Czech pronominal (en)clitics
Project IdGA17-02545S
Main solverdoc. Mgr. Radek Čech, Ph.D.
Period1/2017 - 12/2019
ProviderStandardní projekt GA ČR
AnotationThe project focuses on the development of the word order of Czech pronominal (en)clitics mi, si, ti; ho, mu, sě, tě. The analysis is based on representative sonds parts of Old and Middle Czech Bible (created in 14th?18th Century). The word order of pronominal (en)clitics is investigated: 1. in the phrase of finite verb, 2. in the infinitive, participle, (deverbative) adjective and (deverbative) substantive phrase. The research deals especially with the competition between the second position and contact (verb adjacent) position of the (en)clitics, with the (en)clitic cluster, with the change of originally orthotonic pronominal forms ho, mu, sě, tě to ?constant? (en)clitics and with the proclitization of pronominal (en)clitics. The project methodology relates to the tradition of Czech dependence and functional syntax. As the analysis of historical development of (en)clitics is also based on frequency characteristics of the observed phenomena, methods of quantitative linguistics are used for a further interpretation of the data.