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Quantification of morphological changes in river channels and its impact on flood risk.
Project Id12_PA05-C2
Main solverMgr. Stanislav Ruman, Ph.D.
Period11/2015 - 6/2016
ProviderRámcové programy EU
AnotationRivers are dynamical systems, where changes in its morphology can affects all kind of flooding and play a crucial role in flood risk. Main changes in history were caused by increasing urbanization around the rivers and human interventions. As results, the alteration in the shape of the channel, longitudinal profile, land use and placement of structures to the channel and floodplain took place. The interventions affected the hydrological response of catchment, particularly accelerated flow velocities, erosion, and interrupted periodical inundation. However, considering the climate change and increasing urbanization, this is not only the historical problem. These changes have not been accessed in detail yet and in many practical cases, institutions involved in catchment management are not familiar with the best practice to handle this problems. Targets of this project are to quantificate morphological changes in river channels and its impact on flood risk, to share outputs to the institution involved in catchment management and to establish the network as base for cooperation.The research will be placed, in two Carpathian rivers situated in Czech Republic and Slovakia (Bečva and Topľa) and outputs will be summarized in the Study and shared in workshops, what will help to improve the integrated river basin management and will help to find the strategy to mitigate the flood risk. Even the Carpathian Rivers are specifics phenomena these outputs can be widely used in Danube Region.