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Reintegration of Lone Mothers Living in Asylum Houses to Permanent Housing Forms
Project IdSGS01/FSS/2015
Main solverdoc. PhDr. Alice Gojová, Ph.D.
Period1/2015 - 12/2015
ProviderRozvojové programy MŠMT
AnotationWelfare services for single mothers in asylum houses are not effective in many cases. The research project is focused on a group of single mothers in asylum houses in Ostrava, who leave for permanent housing forms. The project aim is to identify barriers and accelerators of successful reintegration in the housing sector and to determine the needs of mothers leaving for permanent housing forms. The main objective of the project, however, lies in the transfer of knowledge from this study to practical social work in asylum houses for mothers with children and to allow more effective social work in these facilities. The project will be implemented through qualitative research strategy, specifically using a participatory approach, a collaboration with two researchers from the peer environment of the asylum house for mothers with children. Peer researchers will be directly involved in the construction of semi-structured interview and in realizing interviews with mothers in asylum houses and their subsequent analysis. The findings from the interviews will then be tested using focus groups with two target groups, namely with mothers from asylum houses for mothers with children in Ostrava and with significant others, i.e. with persons who the mothers themselves identify as important for the realization of leaving the asylum house.