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Pre-school Education in Poland and the Czech Republic. A comparative study.
Project Id7AMB14PL ZG
Main solverdoc. PaedDr. Radmila Burkovičová, Ph.D.
Period1/2014 - 12/2015
AnotationA cognitive aim of the project proposed is to examine and characterize the changes that have taken place in the area of education and care of pre-school children in pre-school education institutions especially in the environment of Moravia from their identified outset until the present. To examine available literature and other resources and archives, to carry out research investigation for this purpose. To capture differences and analogies that may exist from the historical point of view. To formulate and accentuate the best and most suitable solution in terms of current society needs in the area of pre-school children education and care in pre-school education institutions. To recommend implementation of praxeology aims applying home and neighbourhood examples. On this basis to formulate recommendations for studies and requirements for those who study the programme of study Teaching for Nursery Schools and Pre-School Age Pedagogy. To publish the results in a monograph called (a working title) ?Předškolní vzdělávání v Polsku a v České republice. Srovnávací studie? (in English ?Pre-School Education in Poland and Czech Republic. Comparative Study?).