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Pedagogical Diagnosis of Child´s School Readiness as Professional Activitiy Teacher
Project Id7AMB14PL BB
Main solverdoc. PaedDr. Radmila Burkovičová, Ph.D.
Period1/2014 - 12/2015
AnotationTo conduct a field survey of partial professional activities of pedagogical diagnosis* of a child who is finishing pre-school education and entering obligatory education; such survey shall be carried out by chosen teachers of selected categories and length of professional experience in the Czech Republic and Poland. To record a course of the activities, to record occurrence, duration, and particularities of the activities, to perform description and analysis of the activities, to find out if they focus on the school readiness of the child and on which areas of the school readiness, realize the description and analysis activities. To develop a instrument for implementing the functional diagnostics of school readiness. To compare the field data received in the Czech Republic and in Poland, to define similarities and differences, specific features and characteristics, relevant problems, and to express recommendations.