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Exclusion from Housing
Project IdSGS8/FSS/2013
Main solverprof. PhDr. Jan Keller, CSc.
Period3/2013 - 12/2013
ProviderSpecifický VŠ výzkum
AnotationThe project focuses on the issue of social exclusion, the serious social problem especially of the past thirty years. The question of exclusion was in the past examined mainly in a relation to the changing labour market. Proposed project looks into the other aspect of exclusion - its relevance is gradually increasing with the time ? the question of access to housing exclusion. The project deals with housing exclusion in two levels. It follows the reflection of this issue from the theoretical point of view, at the same time looks into the practical efforts of solving housing issue at the level of social policy. It compares the situation in three European countries, in the Czech Republic, in France and in Great Britain. It focuses on different strategies in solving housing issue in countries with different social regime, and follows up to which degree are their experiences applicable in the Czech Republic. At theoretical level it examines to what degree is housing question, as a part of exclusion process, thematized in the Czech academic literature. At practical level it detects to what degree are measures of Czech social policy inspired with experiences of more economically advanced countries.At both levels the project puts emphasis on those elements of researched issue that are important for the point of view of theory and practice of social work.