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Literary Translation - A Challenge. Selected Literary Genres Serving for the Improvement in the Translatological Skills as a Part of the Translatology Studies in Ostrava and Vienna
Project IdAktion62p6
Main solverMgr. Milan Pišl, Ph.D.
Period11/2011 - 5/2012
AnotationLiterary translation as a challenge. On the basis of the translation of various text types, the improvement in the translatological skills during the studies of translatological disciplines in Ostrava and Vienna will be reached. At the same time, contacts between the students of both universities will be established. The core of the project is the development of language skills in the literary translation. Simultaneously, the planned excursion should introduce the cooperation between the two universities. This point is of a significant value because not only in Ostrava at the Department of German Studies at the Faculty of Arts, but also in Vienna at the Translatological Centre, degrees in translation and interpreting are offered. The concept of this special excursion is based on long-term experience of both the instructors, acquired during the annual Literary School of Translation in Znojmo, which the student of both the universities regularly take part in. Here it has been shown that on the one hand, it is very useful to include creative writing into the preparation for the translation itself; the same applies to the cooperation in couples during different stages of the translation process. On the other hand, working with selected literary forms, e.g. lyrical texts or spoken language will fill in the gap in the offer of the study programmes at both the universities.