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Number theory and its applications
Project Id7AMB12SK128
Main solverdoc. RNDr. Ladislav Mišík, CSc.
Period1/2012 - 12/2013
AnotationAim of the project is to provide a frame for a process of proving new results which could be published in international journals and as well as presented on international conferences. The graduate students will be also integrated in the project team and the outcome of the project will also be used in the teaching processs. The work of the project falls is mathematics, more precisely the number theory. The subject of research will be the distribution properties of number sequences. These properties have besides their theoretical importance also a practical utilization, for they are connected with the evaluation of pseudo random number generators. The relevance of such research is growing due to the development of communication technologies (e.g. in bank services, evaluation of security of IT structures, etc.) many of which are utilizing cryptographic protocols based on the distribution properties of generated number sequences. Another field of applications are the quasi Monte Carlo numerical methods.