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Workshop participation
Project IdB/CZ0046/3/0001
Main solverprof. RNDr. PaedDr. Eva Volná, PhD.
Period5/2010 - 5/2010
ProviderKatedra informatiky a počítačů, Ostatní zahr. vzd. programy
AnotationActive participation in the workshop, which will held during the period 10 - 14/5/2010 at the University of Reykjavík in order to transfer knowledge and establish cooperation between experts and young scientists from both universities in human resources development through the use of IT technologies. Department of Computer Science (University of Ostrava) and Department of Continuing Education (Iceland University of Education) were during the period 2006-2008 in contact in terms of a international project. We would like to resume the cooperation and deepen it. Its aim should be to propose a common project supporting the modernization of the public sector through IT technology. The project budget will cover expenses of three participating experts, which are: workshop per diem (7 days), transport expenses (Ostrava-Reykjavik and back) and services (e.g. travel insurance, diverse fees, etc.).