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Spatial models of behaviour in transforming urban environment: time geographical approach
Project IdGA403/09/0885
Main solverprof. RNDr. Tadeusz Siwek, CSc.
Period1/2009 - 12/2011
ProviderStandardní projekt GA ČR
AnotationDuring last 20 years the Czech Republic went through significant changes concerning, apart from other things, the changes in human behaviour that have reflected on divers attitudes and cultural habits of various generations. The submitted project is based on the interdisciplinary approach using the scientific disciplines that are linked and complementary to each other. The fundamental base of the project lies in the sociological and geographical approaches used in time geography that is methodologically inspired by diffusion of innovation theory. The spatial aspect of the project covers the comparison of the model areas selected according to the identification of their diffusion processes (e.g. retail and special market chains and the phenomenon of spending free time). The major objective of the project is to verify whether each phases of the diffusion process create different spatial models of behaviour of certain population segments or not and so to identify, analyze and generalize those models of behaviour with dependence on the urban environment changes.