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Modeling of Complex Systems in the Fuzzy and Uncertain Environment
Project IdMSM 179000002
Main solverprof. Ing. Vilém Novák, DrSc.
Period1/1999 - 12/2004
ProviderVýzkumné záměry
AnotationThe goal of the project is to continue the successful program of the Institute for Research and Applications of Fuzzy Modeling in the University of Ostrava. The institute, which has been established on the basis of the program of the Ministy of educationhas recently focused especially on the development of the methods tolerating imprecision (fuzzy logic, neural networks) and the development of the software systém LFLC for fuzzy modeling. In the following years, the institute will focus on thedeepening and integration of these methods on the basis of the algebraic/logical point of view, study of their applicability and adaptive abilities, and on the extension of the possibilitites of LFLC including its practical applications. Furthermore, wewe will focus on the preparation and verifiaction tools for modeling of the logistical systems, container transport systems and systems containing modeling elements. Stochastic algorithms for the global optimization of models will be developed.