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Internal Grant Competition DGC

Logical and algebraic methods for elaboration of information subjected to indeterminacy and their use in fuzzy modeling
Project IdMSM6198898701
Main solverprof. Ing. Vilém Novák, DrSc.
Periodr1/2005 - 12/2011
ProviderVýzkumné záměry
AnotationIRAFM has profiled itself as a top workplace focused on the study of theory, methods and algorithms for fuzzy modeling, i.e. modeling of processes, which utilizes information subjected to indeterminacy.This presents itself by two facets: vagueness ? theinformation is imprecise or subjective and quite often formulated only in natural language, and by uncertainty ? the information is uncertain, characterizes phenomena,which may occur only with some probability. In practice, the information is subjected toindeterminacy in both these components.