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Approximate reasoning and generalized quantifiers
Project IdGA201/04/1033
Main solverprof. Ing. Vilém Novák, DrSc.
Period1/2004 - 12/2006
ProviderStandardní projekt GA ČR
AnotationThe general goal of this grant is to continue development of the theory of approximate reasoning and to extend it by generalized quantifiers. The grant is focused on solution of the following problems: 1. Extension of fuzzy logic to fuzzy type theory, its completeness with respect to general models, further extension to fuzzy intensional logic and development of model of some selected parts of natural language semantics. 2. Extension of fuzzy logic by generalized quantifiers, study of special classes of them, which are specific for fuzzy logic. 3. Study of approximate reasoning methods (AR) with the goal to contribute to development of a unified theory: (a) AR as various kinds of solutions to fuzzy relation equations in models of fuzzy logic, (b) AR as a formal deduction under indeterminacy (vagueness) based on the use of natural language, formalization within fuzzy intensional logic, (c) approximate reasoning due to (a) and (b) with generalized quantifiers.