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Internal Grant Competition DGC
START-UP grant

Biographical Dictionary of Silesia and Northern Moravia, new series
Project IdGA404/05/0322
Main solverprof. PhDr. Lumír Dokoupil, CSc.
Period1/2005 - 12/2007
ProviderStandardní projekt GA ČR
AnotationThe grant is applied for finishing of the biographical dictionary of personalities who were taking part in the economical, social, political, cultural and sport development in Silesia and in the adjacent part of Moravia. The basic series (12 volumes) wasaccomplished in 1999 in the frame of the grants GA ČR 404/94/0020 in 1994-1996 and 409/97/0071 in 1997-1999. It contains 2398 biographical entries of personalities on 1806 pages. Owing to the joint demand and the positive response in the specialized publications, the editor's office decided to publish a new series in which 4 volumes were published in 2000-2003. The fifth volume is prepared in edition and will be published in 2004. The project supposes to publish 5 volumes reaching 800 biographical entries which will contain the list of works and literary sources dealing with a personality besides the biographical data. The final volume will contain also comprehensive registers. The biographical dictionary ought to be besides of it the correcting Klíčová slova v anglickém jazyce Neuvedeno.