Degree Programmes

Social Work

Degree programme
Social Work
Faculty of Social Studies
Type of study
Doctoral (Ph.D.) study
Form of study
Standard length of study
4 years
Academic degree
Language of study
Application from-to
15. 11. 2023 - 07. 06. 2024
Tuition fee
40 000 CZK every academic year of study

Degree programme in a nutshell

The doctoral study program Social Work provides postgraduate studies, which aims to prepare excellent professionals in the field of social work who have knowledge of the current international theoretical discourse of social work responding to societal changes, can create concepts and strategies for developing social programs, policies and services that are part of social work. They know advanced methods of qualitative and quantitative research and are able to apply scientific methodology and approaches in human sciences and society sciences in the field of social work, they can independently solve scientific tasks and feasible program evaluations and social innovation programs.

The content of the study is based on the current state of scientific knowledge and creative activities in the field of social work and related fields and is set to achieve the achieved profile of the graduate. The study lasts four years, it is completed by a state final examination and the defense of a dissertation.

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PhD student presents the programme Social Work

PhD graduate Jutta Helga Harrer-Amersdorffer talks about her study experience at the Faculty of Social Studies.

What do we expect from you?

The study of the doctoral study program Social Work is intended for graduates of a master's degree in the field of social work, or in a related field (if the candidate can justify his choice by practice in the field).

We expect that you will actively participate in scientific work at the faculty and also in the professional discussion of the scientific community (publication of professional studies, presentations at conferences, participation in and solving of student and other scientific grant projects, etc.).

What will you learn?

During the the course of the study, students are systematically led to independent creative research activities so that they are able to apply their knowledge in profile areas and apply themselves as experts in teams solving scientific problems in related areas.

Students are led to independent and critical thinking, as well as to the independent acquisition of additional professional knowledge and their implementation. Graduates know advanced analytical methods of quantitative research in social work, advanced approaches to qualitative research, including their use and reflection of limits.

They will learn to design and implement basic and applied research in social work, analyze and interpret the data obtained, design and process an extensive professional text, orient themselves in depth in the topic, work with professional literature.

Admissions procedure

Expected number of candidates admitted this year


Conditions for admission

  1. The applicant has completed a Master's degree study programme in the field of Social Work; also, a different field of study is admissible if the applicant provides satisfactory justification through practice in the field;
  2. The applicant has submitted his/her e-application for study within the stipulated deadline and paid the administrative fee for participation in the admission process. The deadline for submission of the e-application is 7 June 2024;
  3. Together with the application, the applicant has provided all of the required compulsory attachments within the stipulated deadline (the deadline for submission of the attachments to the Faculty of Social Studies of the University of Ostrava is 7 June 2024), the required attachments being:
    1. Project of the Doctoral Dissertation structured in the required manner and containing:
      • preliminary title of the Doctoral Dissertation,
      • brief description of the theoretical starting points,
      • description of the main research question or questions, the goals of the research,
      • a reflection on the possible approaches to the research, the research method and the research population and on the organisation of the research,
      • an overview of the basic literature which will provide starting points for the Doctoral Dissertation with emphasis placed on foreign language literature.
      The topic of the Doctoral Dissertation must correspond with the main research directions at FSS UO, or as the case may be with the European Research Institute for Social Work of the University of Ostrava (ERIS) and with the now ongoing research projects of FSS UO within the thematic framework of “Social work in between Privatisation and Public Responsibility”.

      Preference will be given to projects focused on:
      • modernisation theories, societies of education, modernisation at the level of a region or municipality;
      • social aspects of sustainable development of cities and regions or the socio-spatial aspects of social exclusion (families with multiple problems, older adult citizens, people with disabilities, etc.);
      • social gerontological aspects of modernisation;
      • the repercussions of modernisation for social work (including the consequences of social services privatisation, etc.)
    2. Structured Curriculum Vitae with information about previous studies and practical professional experience
    3. Authenticated copy of a document confirming successful and due completion of Master's degree studies
    4. Decision about Recognition of Previous Education – as stipulated in Foreign Transcripts in the section Assessment of Foreign Secondary and Foreign Higher Education for the Purposes of the Admission Procedure at the University of Ostrava. This service is provided by the Rectorate of the University of Ostrava. Any questions regarding the recognition process are to be submitted to .

Evaluation criteria for the entrance examination

Members of the Admission Procedure Committee assess an applicant's dissertation project proposal at the entrance examination (personal participation of an applicant is not required).

The maximum score attainable by an applicant for a dissertation project proposal is 100 points. The minimum number of points required for passing the examination is 75.

The entrance examination cannot be waived.

The application and the obligatory attachments are to be sent by post (or to be delivered in person) no later than by 7 June 2024 to the following address:
Faculty of Social Studies
University of Ostrava
Českobratrská 16
702 00 Ostrava
Czech Republic

The administrative fee for submission of an application amounts to CZK 650.

The annual tuition fee for studies amounts to CZK 40,000 every academic year of study (in compliance with the Statute of the University of Ostrava, Appendix no. 3 Fees connected with studies at the University of Ostrava, Article 4).

Schedule of the admission procedure for the doctoral study programme Social Work at the Faculty of Social Studies, UO

Contact person:

Mgr. Bc. Mirka Šnejdar Matochová
Assistant for Science and Research
Phone: +420 553 46 3207

Department coordinating your studies

Admissions Inquiry Form


  • Questions from applicants with specific needs (e.g. a disability) will be answered by our Centrum Pyramida.
  • Do you need advice on what else you could study or which studies are most suitable for you? Contact our Counseling and Career Centre.