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Course  Faculty  Semester  Credits  Level  Language 
Complex Text AnalysisFaculty of ArtsSummer3Mgr.Polish
Czesko-polskie zwiazki literackie / Czech-Polish Literary RelationsFaculty of ArtsSummer3Mgr.Polish
Foreign Slavic laguageFaculty of ArtsWinter / Summer10Ph.D.
Historia i kultura Polski 1 / Polish History and Culture 1Faculty of ArtsWinter4Bc.Polish
Historia i kultura Polski 2 / Polish History and Culture 2Faculty of ArtsSummer5Bc.Polish
Historia jezyka polskiego / History of the Polish LanguageFaculty of ArtsWinter5Mgr.Polish
Interferencja jezykowa / Language Interference - Theory and PracticeFaculty of ArtsWinter / Summer4Mgr.Polish
Komunikacja interkulturowa 1 / Intercultural Communication 1Faculty of ArtsWinter4Bc.Polish
Komunikacja interkulturowa 2 / Intercultural Communication 2Faculty of ArtsSummer4Bc.Polish
Language Contact and BilingualismFaculty of ArtsWinter / Summer4Bc.English
Leksykologia / LexicologyFaculty of ArtsWinter3Bc.Polish
Lingwistyka kognitywna / Cognitive and Communication LinguisticsFaculty of ArtsSummer3Mgr.Czech,Polish
Literatura regionalna / Regional LiteratureFaculty of ArtsSummer4Bc.Polish
Polish Language Exam (A2/B1)Faculty of ArtsWinter / Summer10Bc.Czech, Polish
Polish Language Exam (A2/B1)Faculty of ArtsWinter / Summer10Bc.Czech, Polish
Polish Language Exam (B1/B2)Faculty of ArtsWinter / Summer10Mgr.Czech, Polish
Realia Polski / Aspects of Polish Life and InstitutionsFaculty of ArtsWinter4Bc.Polish
Stylistyka jezyka polskiego 1 / Stylistics of Polish Language 1Faculty of ArtsWinter3Mgr.Polish
Stylistyka jezyka polskiego 2 / Stylistics of Polish Language 2Faculty of ArtsSummer4Mgr.Polish
Translation Interpreting - Seminar 2Faculty of ArtsSummer3Mgr.Czech, Polish
Wstęp do literatury polskiej (Wstep do literatury polskiej) / Introduction to Polish LiteratureFaculty of ArtsSummer2Bc.Polish