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Course  Faculty  Semester  Credits  Level  Language 
Advanced ProbabilityFaculty of ScienceSummer4Mgr.English
Algebraic StructuresFaculty of ScienceSummer6Bc.English
Algebraic and Geom. Methods in Physics 1Faculty of ScienceWinter6Mgr.English
Applied Informatics 3Faculty of ScienceWinter4Bc.English
Category TheoryFaculty of ScienceWinter6Mgr.English
Complex Analysis 1Faculty of ScienceWinter6Mgr.English
Complex Analysis 2Faculty of ScienceSummer6Mgr.English
Differential Equations 1Faculty of ScienceSummer6Bc.English
Differential Equations 2Faculty of ScienceWinter6Bc.English
Differential Geometry of SurfacesFaculty of ScienceSummer6Mgr.English
Discrete MathematicsFaculty of ScienceWinter6Bc.English
Functional Analysis 2Faculty of ScienceWinter8Mgr.English
GeometryFaculty of ScienceWinter6Mgr.English
Harmonic AnalysisFaculty of ScienceWinter4Mgr.English
Introduction to Number TheoryFaculty of ScienceWinter6Bc.English
Linear Algebra 1Faculty of ScienceWinter6Bc.English
Linear Algebra 2Faculty of ScienceSummer6Bc.English
Linear Algebra 3Faculty of ScienceWinter6Bc.English
Linear Algebra 4Faculty of ScienceWinter / Summer6Bc.English
Mathematical Analysis 1Faculty of ScienceWinter8Bc.English
Mathematical Analysis 3Faculty of ScienceWinter8Bc.English
Mathematical Analysis 4Faculty of ScienceSummer8Bc.English
Mathematical Analysis 5Faculty of ScienceWinter8Bc.English
Mathematical Logic and Set TheoryFaculty of ScienceWinter6Bc.English
Mathematical Methods for Artificial IntelligenceFaculty of ScienceSummer6Bc.English
Matrix TheoryFaculty of ScienceSummer6Bc.English
Measure Theory and IntegrationFaculty of ScienceWinter6Mgr.English
Number Theory 1Faculty of ScienceWinter6Mgr.English
Numerical Mathematics 1Faculty of ScienceSummer6Bc.English
Numerical Mathematics 2Faculty of ScienceWinter6Bc.English
Optimization 1Faculty of ScienceWinter6Mgr.English
Probability and Statistics 1Faculty of ScienceWinter6Bc.English
Probability and Statistics 2Faculty of ScienceSummer6Bc.English
Research Seminar 1Faculty of ScienceWinter4Mgr.English
Seminar on Algebraic StructuresFaculty of ScienceWinter4Bc.English
Seminar on Algebraic StructuresFaculty of ScienceWinter4Bc.
TopologyFaculty of ScienceWinter6Mgr.English